About those who rock

we rock. they roll. was created by two spousal caregivers; Erin and Tara.  While chatting about the lack of information available to them on the web, they realized they could create a site that could help!  Tara came up with a witty name and an idea was born.

About Erin…

I am the quad’s wife.  Yes, I call my husband “the quad.”  My   husband does not want me to use his name and because of his wishes, I do not use his name nor do I use our daughter’s.  I refer to them as ‘the quad’ and ‘the kid.’  Although he said he prefers Super Quad…

I maintain the site.

I am sarcastic.  I love to laugh.  I also love to make others laugh.  I do not take things seriously.  (unless required)  I have dealt with some serious, SERIOUS things in my life and because of it, I’ve realized that everything else is a piece of cake.

I dance in the kitchen.  I sing at the top of my lungs.  I laugh for no good reason other than to laugh.  I stop and actually smell the roses and other flowers.   We have ice cream for dinner. I am a wife.  I am a mom.  I am a caregiver.

About Tara… Tara is also the wife of a quadriplegic.  They also have a daughter.  She wasn’t born yet when her husband was injured.  Almost…  but not quite…   She is my soul mate in the quadriplegic caregiver world… She is a wife.  She is a mom.  She is a caregiver.

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