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My husband’s closet looks like a medical supply store.

When we left rehab, we were given a great list to help us prepare for our life at home. However… it wasn’t as easy as we thought to actually FIND the supplies on the list. In the end, we found a few good places and ended up substituting some supplies for others.  When you leave rehab, you need to figure out what works best for you.  And what works best at rehab, may not work best at home especially if the supplies are really expensive.

Before ordering supplies, confirm with the company and/or your insurance company if a prescription is required.  Some insurance companies will cover medical supplies BUT require an Rx from your doctor which is a great reason to Find the Right Doctor.  Discuss with your insurance company what they will cover with Rx and find out if you are required to go through a specific medical supply company. Some insurance companies only work with certain medical supply companies (and vice versa).

To make life easier for us, we order our suppliers either by phone or online instead of going to a store in our area.  Do what works best for you and whatever is EASIEST for you.  Also, know that you can shop around for the best price.  However, you should know that the cheapest does not always equal good quality which is important when it comes to medical supplies.

Do you really want your gloves breaking while you’re in the middle of a bowel program?  Don’t go cheap on gloves…

We currently use Sterling Medical Services for B’s supplies.  He takes care of the ordering and prescriptions and I just tell him when I’m running low.  NOTE: This is not a plug for the company but just an example of one you can use.  We have had great success with them but I haven’t been that impressed with the quality of the gloves lately since they changed brands…  So we are starting to look again.

There are hundreds and hundreds of places you can order supplies from so be sure to do your research before you purchase.  BE AN INFORMED CONSUMER.

Things to evaluate when searching for a good medical supply company:

Price.  You want good quality but if your insurance company doesn’t cover the cost, or only covers a little, price is important.

Quality of product. An obvious thing but sometimes users don’t realize that there is more than one brand of a product available.  Find out what brands the company carries and research those products.  Will they stand up to normal use?

Quality of Customer Service. You will deal with the company often.  Do you really want to purchase goods from a company with terrible customer service?  Again, you have a choice!  Find a new company if you aren’t treated like a valued customer.

Return Policy. Yes.  You can return supplies if they are defective.  You can and SHOULD.

Customer Notification.   Medical supplies can be recalled.  How will the company notify you and what will they provide, if anything, in case of a recall?

Ask others in similar situations who they use.  Check out the Better Business Bureau for more information about the company.  Do your research!

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