we rock. they roll.

Our mission is to empower spinal cord injury (SCI) caregivers by providing support, tools and education.

As caregivers, our voices need to be heard.  We are important!  Although everyone can see our loved one”s disability or illness or affliction, no one can really see the effect it may (and does) have upon us. Caregivers suffer almost as much from the mental, emotional and physical stress and strain as the person going through it.

We know how hard it is to speak up and admit that, as a caregiver, it’s hard and that you need help.  Which is why we’re here!  We’re here to offer help without you having to ask.  We hope that this site starts getting others thinking and questioning and opening up about their journeys and struggles.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  You are not alone!



Photo by Lauren Bodwell Photography.